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Joe Franco

Meet Joe Franco

Joe has dedicated his life to health and fitness for the past 25 years, and has been involved in competitive bodybuilding since the 1980’s. His philosophy for reaching your desired physique deals with two factors::

  • The dedication/consistency of your training and diet must be there to reach your goals.
  • Embracing balance and patience will give you the most success.

Joe continues to compete, and is an OCB natural pro bodybuilder who was inducted into the OCB Hall of Fame in 2021. In addition to competing, he promotes three competitions a year through the OCB since 2006.


Amber Litzinger

“Joe saved me. Through his diet, training, knowledge and patience, I felt like me again. I had my drive and passion back for this sport. For the first time I felt like I had real balance.”

Eric - crop

Eric Mills

“Joe showed enthusiasm to help and was very professional with his instruction. When I finally surrendered everything to him and did exactly as he instructed me to do, my physique totally changed!” 

Ivonne - crop

Ivonne Grecco

“Hitting the stage at 40 never felt so great! I would recommend Joe to every single person who is wanting to make a change in their lives, either in competing or just trying to start living a healthier life! Being part of Team Franco is an honor!”

Theresa - crop

Theresa Evans

“Having variety and flexibility in my plan allowed me to pick and choose foods I have never had on a contest diet, while still getting leaner and preserving muscle!”

Luray - crop

Luray Tobar

“With Joe’s guidance I have been able to change my physique, gain the confidence to compete and earn my pro card in just over 15 months!”

Bruce - crop

Bruce Glenny
 OCB/Anbf Masters Pro

“From the beginning of the dieting period through peak week, Joe’s nutrition program worked like a charm and I was in the best shape of my life.”

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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