What are macros?

Macro’s is shorten term for macronutrients.  There are three macro’s that are found in foods we eat.  They are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.  Each of them has a caloric value.  Protein and Carbohydrates are both 4 calories per gram and Fats are 9 calories per gram.

How long have you been a coach to those living the IIFYM lifestyle?

I started coaching physique athletes in 2000, but started using the macro counting method in 2007 after I used personally used the approach.

What makes IIFYM better than the typical “bro” diet?

Years ago people didn’t count macro’s and where hung up on only allowing themselves to eat certain/limited foods.  Once science entered the scene it was shown that most foods do have value and you don’t have to limit to just a few so called bro foods.  Hence, more food options to eat therefore allowing better adherence to this type of plan.  The flexibility results in more balance of sustaining the lifestyle.

Why is the IIFYM diet considered to be successful?

Basically the same answer why IIFYM is better than a bro diet.  The flexibility results in more balance of sustaining the lifestyle.  In addition, if you don’t limit your food choices during a restrictive caloric phase for a physique competition, you will have fewer cravings after you have your event.  Too often when people limit food choices, reach their goal, they feel lost and don’t know what to do after their event.  This often leads to binging and rapid weight gain.  Not only they have the weight gain, their metabolism is slowed down and can take a really long to recover.  So if you eat a variety of foods during contest prep you will have fewer cravings after…

Does the IIFYM diet work for everyone? Why or why not?

It certainly can, but there are a few people feel they need more structure.  In other words, people cannot handle the freedom of having a variety of foods to eat.  As when people who want to diet to lose weight, need to be held more accountable just because they are on a diet.  But again, IIFYM is not a diet per se but an approach to eating that can lead to fat loss.

What’s the hardest part about the IIFYM diet?

Counting the macros and making your foods fit in the prescribed plan.  Although you are tracking daily, the weekly totals and average are more important.   Someone new to this method needs to go in with some patience with the process of counting but the long term will pay dividends.

What advice could you give someone who wanted to start IIFYM?

Again, be patient and look at this is a lifestyle and not a diet.

How do you track your macros? What are the other ways?

Back in the day, it was using a pen and paper and reading labels.  But recently there are many websites and apps that allow for you to count and not have to do any math. In fact there are QR codes on most foods in which you just have to point and click your phone to read and upload the macros to an app.