When I first competed in 2010 I did 4 shows with in 2 months with great success of 2 first and 2 second places. I then on the advice of my then trainer/nutritionist, gained quite a bit of weight. ( going from show weight 118 to my heaviest of 152…talk about uncomfortable). Going back into prep, I found my body was not responding like it once did. It was holding onto everything, barely making progress. It was a trial and error of no carbs, high carbs, no fat, high protein and none of the variations were working. Enter the addition night cardio, on top of my fasted cardio in the morning. Even though I had success that year of competing, a first place, 9th place at Team U and a 2nd at the yorton cup, I knew something wasn’t right. I was burnt out mentally and physically. I began to hate training and binge ate on every cheat meal. I was either starving, cramped over or throwing up. I ruined my metabolism, my health and my drive. In comes Joe!

I googled local posing classes and Joes name popped up. I contacted him and went to a class, where I got to meet him face to face. I was on the fence about starting with someone new, I am a creature of habit and change scares me. After going back and forth in my head, I decided if I didnt do something now, I never would. As soon as I said yes is when everything really changed. I have never counted macros, I had no idea what that even meant. My old diet was written for me, the same basic food, no variety, no change. So needless to say, this macro thing was beyond confusing to me. Once I figured it out, I couldnt believe this was considered prep.

I can eat fruit? dairy? cereal? peanutbutter??? WHHHAAAT?! This was a whole new world for me and my body was responding so well. My energy was up and the pounds were dropping. Once I got the diet in check, training and cardio were next. I actually did less cardio and training and was seeing better results then I had.

I finally chose a show with the INBF organization and put everything into that prep, thinking the whole time that something wasnt right cause this prep was so easy. Leading up to the show was the best I’ve ever felt and when the day finally came, it was the best package Ive ever presented. Lean, muscular and confident! I put all my trust in Joe and I ended up winning my class, the overall and my WNBF pro card!!!

It might sound like much, but Joe saved me. Through his diet, training, knowledge and patience, I felt like me again. I had my drive and passion back for this sport. For the first time I felt like I had real balance. There was so 0-60 or all or nothing. Ive learned from Joe and Im beyond grateful and thankful. I actually feel healthy and alive again. Ive learned to replace my cravings and binges with foods I wanted in moderation. My 2-3 hr cardio sessions with a diet that doesnt rely on cardio for leanness and my low energy workouts for a series of PRs.

This whole experience couldn’t of been any easier. I never would of thought I could be where I am today. And did I mention…I will never have to dehydrate myself for 24 plus hours ever again!!!

Thank you Joe doesn’t even begin show my gratitude.