Aria won the Novice Overall title and the Open Tall Class at the 2009 OCB Central Eastern Seaboard States !

Having an undergraduate degree in Health Studies, Master’s in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology as well as being a Master Trainer myself, one would think that I know all there is to know about exercise science. Wrong. Enter Joe Franco’s Individualized Training (F.I.T.). Joe is not only knowledgeable on the topic, he is highly experienced in the field. What I’m getting at is that someone who reads about karate doesn’t necessarily know how to do karate. In fact, to extend the analogy, I was a black belt on paper but getting my butt kicked in real life.

Joe has taught me several important principles over my time with him. We started with phone coaching back in May 2007 and when I moved to Philly from DC in 2008, we began meeting bi-weekly and communicating heavily via e-mail. What have I learned? Joe ingrained in me the importance of the diet as it relates to the exercise. He puts a strong emphasis on the diet as this is where most of one’s physical goals are met. He adjusted my macronutrient intake according to my personal basal metabolism after he assessed it based on what I ate, and when and how I exercised. He taught me the importance of slow and steady dieting versus expecting results immediately. He also taught me a few tricks-of-the-trade in terms of body positioning during certain lifts to maximize specific muscle recruitment. Lo and behold I started shedding the pounds of fat and making strides of progress in building and preserving lean muscle. That’s when I found out how truly individualized Joe’s training is designed to be.

Working with Joe, I went from a meager 6th place finish in the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB) September 2007 Northern Atlantic States Men’s Open and Novice divisions, to a 1st place Men’s Open Tall division and winning the Overall Novice division at the June 2009 OCB Central Eastern Seaboard States competition. Although I am a competitive bodybuilder, as is Joe himself, one can see how he designs a workout and nutrition guideline specific to the individual – meaning his design will work for the pediatric as well as the geriatric.

Finally, on a personal note, Joe is a friend. He is a genial person by nature with a wonderful family and you often find yourself lost in a conversation with him about topics completely unrelated to exercise and fitness. I have full confidence in his training style and hope to obtain my Professional designation in the OCB under his instruction in the near future. Go TEAM FRANCO!!!