Truth is a statement, a code to live by, a lifestyle. For me, truth is of the utmost importance, and I found that through Joe and his coaching techniques — gracefully lighting my path to the stage with devotion, honesty and knowledge backed by science and experience.

Before I started training with Joe, I felt lost and overwhelmed. I couldn’t wrap my head around finding the time to be a mother, a wife and to also find time to take care of my mind and body. With a simple phrase being repeated “trust the process, be consistent,” I was able to overcome the mayhem that surrounded me. Joe has guided me on a path that inevitably landed me on a stage standing next to some of the strongest people I’ve ever met.

No matter what my future holds, I’ll always know that having genuinely good people in your corner is the backbone of any success story. Good people – that is what you’ll find with Joe; that is what you’ll find with Team Franco. That is truth.