I won my figure pro card in 2009 and after competing in a couple of pro shows I knew that if I wanted to compete at the pro level and be the best I could be.

I was going to have to be more knowledgeable about nutrition!
Although I did know the basics about dieting, I knew there was much more to learn. I hired Joe in July 2011 and went on to compete in the
Gaspari pro show in October 2011 taking first place in my class and overall. Three weeks later at my 1st Yorton Cup show, I placed 2nd place in my class!

I speak so highly of Joe! After I hired him I thought to myself, I don’t know how this is going to work via emails/phone calls, and I’ve never met this man in person. After just a couple of emails it set my mind at ease because I could tell Joe was very professional,knowledgeable and he was ALWAYS very expeditious getting back to me with any questions I had. I couldn’t have been any happier with my results.

I truly believe I was the best I could be because of all Joe’s help. Joe has taught me so much about diet/nutrition and peak week! I would highly recommend Joe to anybody! Thanks so much Joe!