I got the idea to work with Joe after i did one of his show’s. I had seen people walking around the show with his t-shirts on and decided to email him when I got home. After I came home from the OCB battle of the belt (Joe’s show), I began prepping for another show that was like 3 weeks away. I thought I would email Joe and ask for his help to dial me in more.

Joe not only showed enthusiasm to help but he was very professional with his plan and instruction. Normally, i would never trust anyone with my diet or prep. When I finally surrendered everything to him and did exactly as he instructed me to do, my physique totally changed! Mind you guys, it wasn’t easy by any means! No matter how difficult it was I stuck with his plan and got in the best shape of my life! Now a days, you would be a fool to go through all the sacrifice of contest prep without seeking the guidance of a professional.

Joe did an amazing job getting me ready and I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone looking to kick ass at their next show! thank you Joe! I looking forward to working with you again in the future.