Since my early childhood, I have professed to all, that I will become more than that of which I came from. My father died of emphysema in 1979, it really was a race between that and cirrhosis of the liver, which of the two, would claim his life. I was only nine years old and didn’t understand the finality of death or the choices that he made that put him there. I have had to battle with my own inner demons throughout my life in order to come to grips with my less than perfect upbringing and the loss that caused my life to spiral out of control for many years. I am the youngest of five kids, and in February of 2011, I was the last in line to be turning 41…I needed to get up on that stage, being the same age my Dad was when he passed, and pray that he sees me doing the opposite of what he did and through this, my message conveyed to others would be that, “When you make better choices, you can live a better life!”

Only one year prior to making my debut, I began going to a new gym that guaranteed results if you came one time per week for 60 minutes and gave it everything you had. It sounded good and since I am a mother of 4 boys, there is always a shortage on time. I was approached with the idea that I should think about competing since my physique was pretty good to start with. And with proper nutrition and training, I could possibly do well enough to place. I began to get excited but had no clue where to go, how to start or who to contact.

In late 2010, I began doing web searches for figure competitions in my area and when I found the one that looked like it was a fit for me, I contacted the Promoter and he gave me Joe Franco’s number and said he was the best in the business. I contacted Joe and began training on January 1st, 2011. I had roughly twenty weeks to prepare for my first show. I went on to compete that May and placed 3rd in 35 and older and 4th in Open class divisions. To my Dad, if you can hear me…I take full responsibility for the fact that I am where I am as a result of my choices both good and bad…I’m sorry that you couldn’t be there to see me shine.

Through the continued guidance, support, encouragement and knowledge that Joe has offered me over the year and a half that I have been part of Team Franco, I continued to train hard for the following OCB show in April of 2012. I am proud to have taken home, not one, but two, first place trophies in Open Class (Tall) and 35 and over divisions along with a second place in Novice group as well. I will certainly take the credit for the hardwork but no team wins the SuperBowl without leadership from a great coach. So, if you’re wondering whether you should hire Joe or continue on as part of his team, there is no question in my mind…I am hangin’ with the winners!!

For all intents and purposes, when I graced the stage for my win that day, my competitor number was #41…it was my “why” that made me cry…

Thanks for all of your support!