I have worked with Joe on two occasions. I decided at the age to 38 to push my body to a new limit. I have always been an active person and always enjoyed working out. I heard of Joe through one of his clients. I contacted Joe and was a little stand offish at first because I had NO CLUE what I was in store for. I expected a work out plan and a diet that would not be realistic. That was NOT the case at all. He sent me a meal plan that was detailed an intelligent! His plan was detailed and well researched. Living in a different state made no difference in the level of attention he gave me. I sent him pictures of me and with that he new exactly what to do! He was always there is answer my questions honestly and with very good detail. He helped me learn that there is more to competing that lifting weights and wearing a fancy suit.

I do have to say that I feel that Joe was concerned about me an individual and not just another client that he was working with. He helped me place in my first amateur figure show! I could not explain the feeling I had when he personally handed me my trophy! Placing in my first show! AMAZING!

I decided to change division for my second show and because he had worked with me before he knew EXACTLY what to do to change my appearance and again he was there for every single question and or concern I had. I did a bikini show and it was a humbling experience… Hitting the stage at 40 never felt so great!

I would recommend Joe to every single person who is wanting to make a change in their lives, either in competing or just trying to start living a healthier life!

Being part of Team Franco is an HONOR!