Maria Probaso
My experience with Joe has been nothing short of stellar. When I first came to him, competing was just a thought. However, I was hesitant to act on it because I had heard the horror stories of “zero carb days”, extreme amounts of cardio, and minimal amounts of food, and I was not willing to destroy my body and metabolism for 1 day on a stage. Joe was completely understanding of this, and reinforced my thinking that one should be able to be “fit and healthy” without doing unhealthy things to themselves! Joe explained his methodology and approach to me, and I was so pleasantly refreshed by his mentality and healthy procedure for competing. With that, I decided to definitely pull the trigger on that long-lasting thought.


From my prep to actually stepping on stage, I loved every single step of the journey. Joe was very attentive, quickly responsive, and immensely helpful through it all. He always put my health first, while still pushing me (and my body) to new heights. I cannot thank him enough for his knowledge and compassion this past year. Not only have I flourished as a competitor, but I’ve grown mentally as well. I’m so thankful for finding Joe, and I’m not letting him go! He definitely is “the truth”!


Maria Pro (OCB Pro)