Melissa Shaver

In 2017 I hired a coach who changed my lifting habits, for the better, but the mental changes weren’t there. The same foods everyday, at the same times, with no freedom to eat outside of the box. over an hour of cardio a day. I trained, I ate, I slept…I competed 5 times in 2018–took first at my first show. Took last, took 3rd, took 4th, and every place imaginable after that. I wasn’t where I physically should have been conditioning wise or SIZE. Especially not for WPD.I fired him.

I hired a new coach from 2018- 2019—same scheme though, same food every day, at the same time, no exploring my taste buds at family gatherings or restaurants–it sucked. My family to this day is holding it against me because “I changed”. I fired that coach too.

Dec. 2020 a week after my birthday I hired Joe after watching some of his client transformations, befriending some of his clients at OCB shows and learning what his approach was, I was hooked.
I am so happy that I am part of this team. I have learned the balance of nutrition without EXTREME restrictions. When it comes close to stage time I do restrict myself from certain foods, but I KNOW it’s temporary. I didn’t gain back 20lbs post show as I had done before. I didn’t binge eat after my shows in 2021 and I can honestly say it all comes down to trusting the process, asking questions and believing in yourself.

My starting Weight Dec 2020: 145lbs (the heaviest I have ever been)My new  Weight Jan 2022: 125-130; and it feels incredible!!
My strength is untouchable and my drive is consistent. Team Franco Bodybuilding is the Team for me!!