Nathan Eaton
I have been working with Joe since the beginning of my journey.
I had suffered a broken neck and was told it was likely that I would never be able to do any intense exercise again, especially lifting. I allowed myself to get up to the 300 pound point and actually a little over it. It had come to a point where it was causing multiple health issues due to being so over weight. I started trying to drop a few pounds and found myself needing a goal. I got approval from my doctor to start training and decided it was time to start my journey.
I spoke with Joe regarding wanting to set a date for a show because I needed the accountability. When reaching out to him he reassured me that we could make the show date that I wanted. It was a date that was honestly much closer than what I thought it could be.
During this journey he was always supportive, positive, accessible, and worked my plan through macros that fit my body. Not just a cookie cutter plan that everyone gets.
Over the course of time I have dropped over 120 pounds total. I stayed consistent with his plan. I did not have to do anything where I felt I was having to be deprived of certain foods or starving at any point. The meals were actually plenty of food and I still got to have the foods that some might consider cheats. I just had to make sure they fit the quantities he had planned.
Joe took me through the first competition and it was so easy and simple, that I wanted to continue the journey. Joe continued the process with me and after further training and dieting I earned my Masters pro-card. I have won more than I could ever have imagined and more importantly than that I have regained my health. Recent Dr. visits have proven that my health is better than it has been in years.
I sincerely am thankful that Joe took me on as a client and continued to work with me. I’m sure my photos at first did not look like someone that was going to be a great client. However, he took me on and continued to support and helped me and take me to where I am at today. I can not say enough about how easy he makes the process.
Joe, Thanks for all your help, guidance, and support! If you can get me where I am considering where I started, then anyone can do it!!
Nathan Eaton
Nathan Eaton
Nathan Eaton