Your Opportunity to Join Team Franco’s Exclusive Facebook Group!

Team Franco has been involved in physique competitions since 2000.  Countless clients have reached their fitness goals from competing for the first time to winning pro cards and competing at the pro level.  In addition, the experience expands to contest promotion to posing instruction and everything you need to learn about the process.

We are now offering access to our private, client-only Facebook group to those who are eager to learn more about physique competition, improving yourself and general fitness. It will remain exclusive to only those who are active Team Franco Bodybuilding clients or who join via a trial membership.

The only requirement is that you would need to have access to Facebook.  After your payment is complete you will be added to the Team Franco Facebook group and can begin reading, posting and sharing in the group.

If at any time you would like to become a Team Franco Bodybuilding client your existing Facebook group membership fees will be included in your online coaching fee and you will continue to have access to the Team Franco private page.

Email Joe ( today to enroll in the private Facebook group membership or get started immediately by signing on as a coaching client. 

Membership Includes:

($59 for 6 months)

  • Posting questions
  • Interacting with other physique enthusiast
  • Learn from first timers to seasoned pros who have the same goals as you
  • Weekly content from Joe that will include videos to open question time.
  • Monthly giveaways
  • A great way to see if online coaching is something you want to transition to.

Get started right away with your payment of only $59 for 6 months.

Achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to step on stage, or simply get in the best shape of your life,
I’ll help get you there with a smart, healthy approach.