Richard Widmer – OCB Masters Pro

Having been actively involved in weight training and athletics since my adolescence years, I have had the pleasure of having various coaches help build and educate me during my lifetime. They enabled me to truly be the best I can be, having reached high achievements in my scholastic and all-American Status in my collegiate wrestling career. I’ve always had a true passion for strength and bodybuilding and continued to pursue that passion. I entered my first bodybuilding contests in my early 20s and had early success and developed a true passion for the sport. I put competing on hold but continued weight training as family and my career took priority.
After going through the covid pandemic and unhappy with the shape I was in. I decided it was time to set a goal that would give me an incentive to get back into shape; That was to step on stage again. At the age of 55 and having been out of the bodybuilding world for over 25 years. I decided to enter the OCB Jersey Natural Open in May of 2021. I finished 2nd in the over 50.
My competitive fire was just getting started and having learned early on that you need to have the right people in your corner if you want to truly reach your fullest potential. I felt I needed to find Coach to help me continue my process as my friends and family were in full support.

As I was researching coaches I came across Joe’s Website and all his services. I was pleasantly surprised he was offering a posing class and felt that would be a great place to start. When I first met Joe at the posing class. He was very down to earth, and he genuinely presented himself to have a strong passion for the work he was doing. The class was beneficial, and his teaching was easy to follow, and I felt it help tremendously. I did share with him my brief “coming out of retirement” goal and that I was going to do another show and might be interested in his assistance. Joe was very open to help if I needed and didn’t come across pushy to sign me up. Before I made the decision to join “Team Franco”. I listened to his podcasts, and it enabled me to get to know him, his background and his overall philosophy with bodybuilding and a balance of life. This made me feel that we would be a very good fit and I wanted him in my corner to see how my progress would unfold.
My journey continued through 6 more shows. Finishing with some 1st, 2nds and 3rd’s. The
highlight was winning my master’s pro card. Joe’s attentiveness and recommendations where spot on
as he really learned and taught me how my body was responding each time. He was a very important
part that keep me driven to not only improve each time but to continue the journey. He truly had my
macros down to a science.
Having a coach that respects you for your efforts, gives you full support and truly wants you to
be the best version of yourself is what I feel Joe represents. My Journey developed a trust and mutual
respect between us and that only develops with a great coach! That is what Joe and I shared. I look
forward to 2022 and beyond with him in my corner.
Richard Widmer OCB Masters Pro 2021