Sanna Jacobs – OCB Figure Masters Pro

I joined Team Franco Bodybuilding In June 2020. I’ve just competed for the first time that March without a coach and although prep went pretty well, I had no idea how to healthily reverse out of it. I found myself not prepared for what comes after the competitions and I was putting too much stress on myself mentally and physically and I got really sick. 
I quickly realized I needed help and decided to reach out to Joe. We had connected earlier when he gave me the judge’s feedback from my first competition. His wholesome, and healthy approach left an impression and I felt he was the right coach to talk to. 
Since then we have worked together intensely and I find that his common sense and knowledge are an invaluable asset when it comes to my competition goals and this journey in general. With Joe, it’s not only about training programs and macros, it’s also about mindset and finding a healthy balance that creates longevity and helps you grow stronger on ALL levels. 
I have found that through Joe’s coaching I’ve gained so much more strength, self-awareness, knowledge and confidence. What has helped me a lot mindset-wise what it comes to competing, is his advice that it’s not about the placement, it’s about how much you’ve improved, how much you’ve grown as a person and how much grace you show even when you don’t win or place as high as you’ve maybe wanted. 
I value the open and honest communication between us and I feel he listens to me and adjusts the coaching accordingly when necessary. Joe’s coaching is very personalized and I feel valued as an athlete under his wing. 

Sanna Jacobs@sisu_fit_ocbpro