Working with Joe Franco as I prepped for my IFPA Pro Figure Debut was just what I needed to get me to the next level!

Having prepped on my own since 2006, I needed someone to look at me as an individual who has made improvements and wanted to do the work, but who needed a plan. Joe gave me that plan.

From an off season “clean” eating plan which allowed me to push harder, train smarter, and make the gains I wanted, to a moderate, no nonsense, regimented contest prep plan which slowly allowed me to fine tune my physique to be “pro stage ready”.

Joe’s plan is simple. He has shown me that carbs aren’t bad, that doing hours upon hours of cardio IS bad, and that moderation is key. Having variety and flexibility in my plan allowed me to pick and choose foods I have never had on a contest diet, while still getting leaner and preserving muscle! PS: Moderation is also key when it comes to coming off a contest diet. A little secret to fill you in on, if you don’t restrict yourself too much on your contest diet, your body wont want to hold onto all the food you give it post contest. No more rebound!

Not to mention, the attention he paid to my individual progress, tweaking as we went along in the process was something I did not expect. He listened to my personal goals and worked out specific adaptations to allow me to reach those goals, and I am happy to say I did it!

With Joe’s guidance, I placed 4th in my very first contest on the professional level! I am very proud of my placing, but moreso in the “new and improved” me who’s leaner and more muscular than ever before.

I am a proud member of Team Franco,“The Truth!”