I can’t thank Joe enough! With a few days before heading into my second competition of the year I contacted Joe because I knew that I wasn’t bringing my absolute best to the stage. I had been on a plan where I was only taking in carbs every other day to try and get ready for my show. When the show was over I sent Joe a message and he had my plan to me the very next day. With Joe’s help I had carbs back into my target macro totals and I was doing less cardio than before and feeling better than I had in quite some time. Joe would check in with me before I even had the chance to email him and that was awesome!

With only 4 weeks of working together Joe helped me blow away my previous conditioning and bring home the W. On November 19, 2011 I won the Novice Lightweight, Novice Overall, and Open Middleweight, which was a Regional Pro Qualifier so winning my class won me my Pro Card with the U.S.B.F.

My journey started last year when I stepped off stage and joining Team Franco helped me reach my goals. I’m not sure when I will step on stage again, but I do know it will be as a part of Team Franco.